Is My AC Condenser Broken? How Long Does It Last?

Springs and summers in Texas can get unbearably hot. If your car sits in the sun, the cabin can feel like a sauna. To stay cool in your car during scorching days, you need to keep your automotive air conditioning system in great shape.

Your car A/C system comprises numerous components, including the condenser. This part turns gas into a cooled liquid, blowing cold air into your cabin.

It’s important to know how long your air condenser lasts and if yours needs to be replaced. The auto AC repair technicians at First Tire & Automotive in Cinco Ranch – Katy, Texas, are here to explain everything you need to know about your condenser.

How Long Will My Air Condenser Last?

Most car air condensers will last for eight to ten years. However, it can stop functioning much sooner than that if it gets damaged. The two main reasons for air condenser failures are blockages and leaks. Blockages in your air condenser are commonly caused by a buildup of contaminants from road debris. Leaks may occur from normal wear and tear.

Is My Air Condenser at Risk?

The good news is that a failing air condenser will display several warning signs. If you notice any of these symptoms, book an appointment with our ASE-certified mechanics right away:

Burning odors: If your condenser starts to fail, heat gets trapped in your air conditioner system. This can cause other components to burn, causing a strange smell.

Warm air: If your vents are blowing warm air when you turn on the AC, it may be because of a bad air condenser.

Dashboard indicators: New cars have warning lights for a failing AC system. Check your owner’s manual to learn more about the lights on your dash.

Keep Your Auto AC in Great Shape

If you think your air condenser needs to be repaired or replaced, call the auto AC repair specialists at First Tire & Automotive in Cinco Ranch – Katy, Texas today. We’ve been in business for over 26 years and will quickly fix your vehicle.

To schedule your appointment, call us today at 281-519-3715 and stay cool all summer long.