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Wheel Alignment Angles Explained—First Tire & Automotive

Don’t Ignore Wheel Alignment Extremely worn tires are visible even to the untrained eye. It often becomes obvious when you need to replace them. However, you don’t usually “see” wheel alignment, so it may be tempting to ignore it. This is never a good idea. Wheel alignment impacts how well you’re able to handle and […]

Directional Tires? What’s That?—First Tire & Automotive

Exactly What Is Meant By Directional? Perhaps you were surprised to learn that you had the choice of symmetrical, asymmetrical, or directional tires for your vehicle. That’s right; you have choices. If you choose directional, exactly what does that mean? Tires can’t give directions. Obviously, they all roll in the same direction. At First Tire […]

Don’t Step Out of Line: Signs You Need a Wheel Alignment — First Tire & Automotive

Did You Remember the Wheels? You remembered to check the oil. You remembered to renew your registration. You even remembered to detail your car before a big event. But did you remember the wheels? Poor wheel alignment is bad news for your vehicle. Left unaddressed, it can cause premature tire wear and damage other suspension […]

TP What? Understanding Your Vehicle’s TPMS—First Tire & Automotive

More Than a String of Letters TP what? In your automobile, it’s the TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Thus, it’s more than a string of letters or a minor aggravation that a dashboard light is on. Instead, the TPMS actually provides you with timely and relevant information about your tire air pressure. If you’re […]