Listening to Your Vehicle, Listening to You

Every driver has heard his or her vehicle make an unusual noise at some point. At first, you may think it’s your imagination. At some point, however, you have to acknowledge the fact that the sound is indeed real. Perhaps you even ask a passenger, “Do you hear what I hear?” If your car has started making odd noises, schedule an appointment with First Tire & Automotive in Cinco Ranch, Katy, Texas. We’ll listen to your automobile, but more importantly, we’ll listen to you. We value our customers, and we understand that it’s you who knows your car’s typical behavior best. In fact, you’re actually a very important member of the auto repair team. What you tell us about the perceived issue helps us more quickly and easily identify the source of trouble. So come on in. You’ll hear, “Welcome!” instead of that concerning noise emanating from your car.

What You Hear and What It Might Mean

Let’s start by talking about your auto’s brakes. They can make several different noises, depending on the severity of the problem. A squeaking or squealing when you apply brakes usually means that the metal pads need replacing. If your vehicle goes from squealing to grinding, you may have worn the pads so badly that the calipers are scrubbing against the rotors (metal abrasive against metal). Likewise, the steering system can make a couple of noises indicative of the need for service. A groan as you turn the wheel or squeaking as you steer may be a sign of steering system trouble. If you’re attempting to start your car and hear an extended dragging sound (such as ruurr-ruurr-ruurr), your battery may be getting weak. The sound might be that of your auto attempting to start, yet lacking the power to “turn over” as quickly as it should. Flapping when you use the air conditioner might be a dilapidated ventilation flap, and rumbling underneath likely points to an exhaust issue. Finally, squealing from the hood/motor area probably indicates a worn belt.

Trust Your Hearing

If you’re recognizing odd sounds coming from your vehicle, trust your sense that something might be amiss. Come see one of our ASE-certified technicians who can listen to you, listen to your car, and offer an effective remedy. We offer many customer conveniences, and we back our repair work with a generous warranty.