Never Ignore Your Brakes

When you’re driving, you have to be able to stop your car. Brakes aren’t optional, so you should never ignore the signs that indicate they need service or repair. Also, you should opt to get your brake repairs at First Tire & Automotive in the First Colony area of Sugar Land, Texas. For more than two decades, we’ve been the neighborhood choice for auto repair. Our ASE certified technicians are always ready to serve you regardless of the make or model you drive.

Alerts to the Need for Brake Repair

Maybe you’re not comfortable with mechanical details. That’s okay. We’ll give you a few pointers about recognizing the need for brake attention. We’ll need to check your car, but here are a few generalizations you should be aware of. Your car could have worn brake pads. If it does, you’ll likely hear squeaking, grinding, or squealing when you brake. Those pads are metal, so once they’re too used up, they may begin to allow damage to occur to other parts. Does your brake pedal feel spongy or “soft”? If so, your auto could have a master cylinder problem. That’s the reservoir that stores the fluid needed for hydraulic pressure. Brake fluid travels through the lines and creates pressure on the brake system components, generating contact and creating friction to stop the vehicle. A fluid leak from a cracked or otherwise defective master cylinder may limit your ability to stop safely.

Further, pay attention to where your brake pedal stops when you depress it. In a car with power brakes the pedal should stop about an inch to inch and a half from the floor. If your transportation has manual brakes, the pedal should remain at least 3 inches from the floor in a car with manual brakes. If the brake light illuminates, you could have no more than a need for minor service, but you could potentially have a major problem. Let one of our technicians check it out to confirm the exact issue. Scraping, vibrating, or wobbling when braking could mean that the rotors are warped. Rotors are large metal discs located just inside each wheel. They should be evenly thick and smooth. If not, the pads, held by calipers, can’t contact the rotors properly, impacting the functionality of the brakes. When calipers need replacing or brake lines need replacing, your auto may pull to the side as you apply brakes. Finally, you may smell a burning scent if you have accidentally left the emergency brake on or if a caliper is stuck. At this first sign of these or other troubles, visit First Tire & Automotive in First Colony, Sugar Land, TX.