Grown Up Toys Still Require Batteries: Types of Car Batteries—First Tire & Automotive

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Grown Up Toys Still Require Batteries: Types of Car Batteries—First Tire & Automotive

If You Drive, You Need a Battery

Do you remember getting the newest animated toy when you were a child? If so, you probably also remember immediately checking to see if it needed batteries. Would it take AA, AAA, C, D? Maybe a 9-volt? You’re all grown up, and your new “toy” is the car, truck, or SUV. Regardless of what you chose, you can be sure it needs a battery. What you may not know is exactly what kind you should purchase if you need a replacement. Just as an adult helped you out with power cells for your toys all those years ago, so will First Tire & Automotive in the Eldridge area of Sugar Land, Texas, cover all your battery services needs.

Kinds of Vehicle Batteries

Although battery choices for your vehicle don’t come in bubble packages located near the supermarkt stand like they did for your toys, there are three major kinds of batteries for typical modern vehicles. The SLI is the most often used battery. SLI stands for starting, lighting, and ignition. As the name suggests, it facilitates starting, and it powers lighting, too. A 6 cell series provides 12-volts, so it’s great for producing the short bursts of power that will enable an auto to start. However, it does have a short charge cycle. This means that it charges and discharges quickly. That’s why an SLI battery will drain in a short amount of time if the lights are left on when the vehicle isn’t running to recharge it. The li-ion battery, a shortened form of Lithium-ion, has gained popularity since the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles. They’re good for this type application because they weigh less than conventional batteries and they hold greater charges. The stated life is between 5 and 10 years. A third option is the lead-acid battery. This one boasts low maintenance, yet it offers enough short-burst energy to help your car start. Unfortunately, this one is sealed. It can’t be serviced and must be replaced once it wears out.

The Toy Workshop

Toy workshops have been the subject of elementary stories and G movies for many years. Geppetto crafted Pinnochio, elves made Christmas gifts for Santa, and many broken toys were repaired in a workshop. Likewise, First Tire & Automotive is the best repair shop for your favorite grown up toy. If you need to know more about the type battery your auto needs or if you need battery services and repairs, we’ll be glad to help. Our exceptional customer care has made us the go-to repair facility for our neighbors for more than two decades.