A Fresh Start

When you invest in a new set of tires, you want them to last. Therefore, you may want to consider also getting a wheel alignment for your car. At First Tire & Automotive in the Greatwood area of Sugar Land, Texas, our ASE certified technicians have been offering all necessary tire services for more than 26 years. We can even save you money on your next visit, so check out our Specials page.

A Look Back at Wheel Alignment and a Look Ahead at New Tires

Wheel alignment is the relationship of the axles, wheels, and automobile to one another. This symbiosis is critical to your vehicle’s ability to perform optimally. Also, it helps the driver have adequate control and ability to maneuver. Why? Because the percentage of time your tires spend in contact with the pavement is correlated to wheel alignment. What’s more, alignment affects the stress and wear of other parts. Any noticeable problems as well as the kind of vehicle you own determines what type of alignment technicians perform. Possibilities include front end, all wheel, and thrust. Simply stated, wheel alignment is the adjustment of the major suspension angles. Technicians adjust camber (which is the amount of left or right tilt when viewing the car from the front), toe (the difference in distance between the front and back of the front tires), thrust (the relationship between the rear axle and the front wheels), and caster (the slope of an imaginary line drawn through the upper and lower ball joints).

Although there is no written rule requiring a wheel alignment in conjunction with a new tire purchase, it’s certainly a best practice. If your auto is not properly aligned, many other components are impacted. Your ride quality is reduced because the tires aren’t in good contact with the road. Also, your danger level increases because your car’s handling decreases. That can be dangerous! Further, those new tires you just bought will wear unevenly if the car is out of alignment. You’ll soon notice some spots wearing more than others. That means the tires won’t last as long, and you’ll have to replace them sooner than you planned. If the alignment is wrong, most tire manufacturers won’t honor the tire warranty.

Nearby Wheel Alignment Services

If you bring your vehicle to First Tire & Automotive, you won’t have to travel far to get the best wheel alignment and tire services around. In fact, you can purchase that new set of tires, have a wheel alignment performed, and get all other maintenance services and repairs taken care of in just one stop–all while taking advantage of customer conveniences.