Is Your Engine Control Module Failing? Here’s What to Watch Out For

When many people think of essential car components, the engine control module (ECM) may rarely come to mind. Also known as the engine control unit (ECU), this intelligent system is the main computer in your car and processes all of the information from its sensors. It will then use that data to tune the engine fuel and spark for premium power and performance.

To keep your vehicle in great shape, the engine control module must always be functioning at its best. If you notice any of the symptoms below, call the ASE-certified mechanics at First Tire & Automotive in Eldridge – Sugar Land, Texas, right away to book an appointment.

Here are three symptoms of a failing engine control module.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

If your ECM is failing, it might trigger the check engine light to illuminate. This is because this warning light pops on when your vehicle’s computer detects a problem with the circuits or sensors. Our auto repair specialists can run a test on your diagnostics system to identify any possible trouble codes or other issues.

Performance Issues

Is your car not performing as well as it used to? This may be because of issues with your engine control module. If your ECM fails, it can throw off the timing of your engine’s fuel settings, impacting your car’s engine performance. You may notice a reduction in acceleration and fuel efficiency.

Car Won’t Start

Another red flag of a bad or failing ECM is if your car fails to turn over. The failing ECM will leave your car without engine management control, not allowing it to start. While you might hear the engine crank, your car won’t be able to get up and running.

Sugar Land’s Automotive Repair Experts

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