It’s Bigger. Is it Colder?

You’ve heard the saying that everything is bigger in Texas. In the height of the summer sun, it may feel as if the heatwave is bigger, too. The interior of your car can get intensely hot, but did you know there are steps you can take to help keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system feeling colder? We’ll give you a few pointers. If you’re still a bit too warm, bring your vehicle to us for reliable AC service and repair. At First Tire & Auto Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas, we’ve been helping customers keep their cool for more than 26 years. We look forward to assisting you, too.

How an Auto’s AC Works 

A car’s AC system works by employing a gas refrigerant under high pressure. The evaporator extracts heat from the air as it moves through, allowing it to cool before entering the passenger cabin. Heat is transferred to the refrigerant as the compressor changes the gas into a liquid and moves it through a tube to the condenser. Compressed refrigerant is cooled by the condenser before traveling to the orifice tube or expansion valve. The refrigerant goes back to a gaseous state, and moisture is removed from it as it goes through the drier or accumulator. The refrigerant/coolant then goes back to the evaporator to repeat the cycle. In addition to keeping you comfortable, your vehicle’s air conditioner may actually save you money on fuel costs in certain cases. Some people worry that using the AC wastes fuel, but the drag from open windows (especially at road speed) may actually cost you more than using climate control.

Tips for Making Your Car’s AC Colder 

Daily highs can easily soar into the 90’s in the summer months with high humidity percentages in Katy. Translation: It’s hot here! Before you scorch, perhaps you’d like a few tips to make your vehicle’s AC function better or feel a little cooler. One option is parking in the shade if it’s available. Further, use the “regular” AC setting initially rather than the max setting, since max AC relies on recycling the air. If it’s already stifling, you’re cooling slower at first than if you used the normal function. Another tip is avoiding a partially cool thermostat setting. Go on and force the hot air out. Otherwise, your system enters a cycle of repeatedly heating and cooling to maintain your selected temperature. Finally, have your car’s AC serviced at First Tire & Automotive. We’ll make sure you have enough refrigerant and a clean cabin air filter.