Leaking Brake Fluid?

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Leaking Brake Fluid?

4 Common Causes of Brake Fluid Leaks

If your brake pedal is feeling soft or your car is slow to stop, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong with your vehicle. These concerns will only increase if you notice yellow-colored puddles underneath your car.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, your car could be leaking brake fluid. If so, schedule a brake repair appointment at First Tire & Automotive in Greatwood – Sugar Land, Texas, right away. Bad brakes are dangerous.

Here are the four most common causes of brake fluid leaks we see at our shop.

Worn-Out Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir

The brake master cylinder reservoir stores your car’s brake fluid, protecting it from moisture contamination and debris. This ensures your braking system always functions optimally. Since the reservoir is made from plastic, it can easily wear out from ongoing heat exposure, leading to a leak.

Bad Brake Pads or Rotors

If your brake pads or rotors are worn out, they can hyperextend your wheel cylinders. This may break the piston seals and cause a fluid leak. It’s essential to properly maintain all components of your braking system, including getting your pads replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles.

Brake Line and Hose Issues

Another common culprit behind brake fluid leaks is broken brake lines or hoses. These parts are manufactured to withstand most weather and road conditions. However, brake hoses and lines aren’t invincible and will eventually wear out. If your car has a torn hose or broken brake line, it can cause a leak.

Faulty Piston Seal

Many of the brake components, such as the drum brake wheel cylinder and disc brake caliper, need a piston to function. The brake fluid activates this moving part. If the seal on the piston gets broken, it will cause leakages.

Greatwood’s Trusted Source for Quality Brake Repair

If your car is leaking brake fluid, book an automotive repair appointment at First Tire & Automotive in Greatwood – Sugar Land, Texas now. With over 20 years of experience, our ASE-certified mechanics will quickly repair your brakes.

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