Custom Tailoring Preventive Maintenance Services

Most of us have seen or heard of clothing that boasts the simple solution sizing “One Size Fits All.” That might be great for some things such as buying a cover-up to wear over a bathing suit, but it’s a terrible approach to car maintenance. At First Tire & Automotive in the Eldridge Road area of Sugar Land, Texas, we’ll partner with you to develop a custom-tailored maintenance schedule that’s a perfect fit for your vehicle and driving habits. In business for more than two decades, we offer lots of customer conveniences to make it easy for you to bring your auto in for maintenance. For example, you can take advantage of alternate hours drop-off, shuttle service, and electronic status updates. We look forward to helping you keep your car performing well for a long time to come.

Considerations Regarding Maintenance

As an owner/driver, the first maintenance consideration should be the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. You’ll find these in your owner’s manual. This guide will cover everything from oil change intervals to more major service points like tune-ups and transmission service. While maintenance is crucial to any car’s life and health, it’s especially important if you purchase a new car. Warranty coverage often hinges upon following certain recommended service points. (Note: You do not have to take your auto back to the dealership for service. You can choose an independent shop as long as you and/or the shop maintain records to support the maintenance schedule requirements.)

In addition to following the manufacturer’s guide, you can discuss service needs with one of our technicians. Your needs may vary depending on your car’s age and your driving habits. For example, older cars sometimes have special needs such as more frequent checks for fluid leaks. Also, if your vehicle sits unused for extended periods of time or is driven excessive amounts or under extreme weather conditions, you may want to consider an amended service schedule. We’re even prepared to assist you with less common transportation maintenance needs. Yes, we do hybrid service and repair. Have a fleet of cars or light duty trucks? Sure, we can help you with upkeep, including maintaining service dates and points in case you forget. We’ll even help you maintain your bank account! No, we aren’t a financial institution, but we will save you money in repairs over time when you keep your car properly maintained, and we always offer discounts. Be sure to check out our Specials tab for ways to save money on services. First Tire & Automotive is the service and repair provider who wants to suit all your needs.