A Bad Drama

Students of poet Edgar Allen Poe are familiar with the story of how young Edgar (as a toddler) would see his actress mother “die” each night in her stage role as Juliet where he had a front row seat (for lack of a babysitter). While the audience knew this to be a portrayal, it was quite damaging to little Edgar. Likewise, a car battery that keeps dying is no comedy to the driver who has to endure these tribulations. Rather, it’s a bad performance that you’d just as soon not have to watch. Great news! You don’t have to! If you’re in need of battery services, bring your vehicle to First Tire & Automotive in the Greatwood section of Sugar Land, Texas.

Why Does This Happen?

Perhaps you’re wondering why a car’s battery dies. Although there may be a myriad of reasons, we’ve noticed some common ones. You can probably guess reason #1. That’s right: somebody left the lights on. Headlights can drain a battery quickly, but even smaller, dimmer bulbs like interior dome lights can create a problem when left on too long. Why? Most auto batteries are what’s known as SLI–starting, lighting, and ignition. This is a 6 cell series that produces 12-volts. It’s great for giving your car the short burst of energy it needs to start, but it drains down quickly. This is because it has a short charge cycle. It charges quickly, but it also expends its energy quickly. Thus, lights left on sap the stored energy soon. Any other device that remains on when the auto isn’t operating to recharge the battery can kill the battery, too.

It’s also possible that the battery itself is in declining condition. When it has lost its prime, a battery can’t withstand what it used to. Further, loose or corroded connections can interfere with the car’s ability to recharge the battery as you drive. An alternator problem (whether the alternator itself or a related component such as the belt) can also prevent the vehicle from recharging the battery as it should. Even the weather, like extreme heat or cold, can aggravate the battery if it’s already past its prime.

Help for You and Your Battery

If you’re having to repeatedly “jump” or recharge your battery in order to start your car, the situation isn’t going to improve until you get the repair you need to correct the problem (whether that’s a new battery or a fix for the energy drain). For all the battery services you need, visit First Tire & Automotive. For more than two decades, we’ve been helping our neighbors with car repairs. We offer great customer services, a generous warranty, and money-saving specials.