Review of the Clutch

Time was when every vehicle operated using a manual transmission. Therefore, each auto had a clutch, so all drivers knew exactly what the clutch was for. Now that many cars feature automatic transmissions, perhaps you’d like a quick review of clutch function even if you have one in your car. The purpose of a clutch is to transfer torque from the engine to the drivetrain. As it does this, it helps smooth the forward motion of the car and reduce the vibration you feel inside the passenger cabin. Further, it helps protect the drivetrain from harsh driving conditions. Obviously, the clutch does a lot of work and sometimes takes a beating. It won’t last forever, so you’ll eventually need to replace it. We’ll help you learn the signs that clue you in on the need for replacement. For this and all your transmission repair needs, count on the ASE certified technicians at First Tire & Automotive in the First Colony area of Sugar Land, Texas.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace the Clutch

Maybe you’re wondering how you’ll know when it’s time for clutch replacement. Watch for one or more of the following signs. You may notice that the clutch is beginning to slip. This term refers to a clutch that does not engage and disengage as it should when you depress it. Also, it should feel as if you need to put a decent amount of pressure on it. If the pedal feels “soft” or too easy to push, the component may be wearing out. You may also experience trouble getting your car into reverse. Putting a vehicle into reverse requires extra force, so a failing clutch may prevent you from getting the job done. Likewise, you may have difficulty changing gears. Hearing unusual noises such as knocking and bumping when you use the clutch may indicate the need for repair. Similarly, pedal vibration when pressing the clutch is another sure sign of trouble. Finally, a burning smell, particularly when you’re going uphill, may signal a failing clutch.

Clutch Repair Just Down the Street

You’ll want to be vigilant, noticing the potential signs and obtaining clutch repair before it leaves you in a proverbial clutch. At the first sign of trouble, bring your vehicle to First Tire & Automotive where you can get expert transmission repair for any make or model. Better yet, we back our work with a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty. We also make your auto repair experience easier by offering conveniences that minimize disruption of your daily routine, including shuttle service, alternative hours drop-off, and text or email status updates.