Show your car some LOVE!

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! You take time to show that special someone some love, but how about your vehicle? No matter where you need to go, your car is always there to get you there safely. So about how taking the time to give your vehicle a little love and affection? Here are a couple ways you can do that!

  1. Clean your car! Whether you take your car to the carwash or do it yourself, take some time to clean your car inside and out. It’s amazing how much road grime can accumulate on the inside and outside. Just a simple carwash and vacuum will make your car look better. Don’t you want your vehicle to look it’s best?
  2. Top off your vehicle’s fluids! When was the last time you had your wiper fluid and anti-freeze refilled? We may not experience snow often in Sugar Land, but we certainly have our share of cold and rainy days. You want to make sure you can always see where you are going, so keep your wiper fluid filled.
  3. Perform routine maintenance! Don’t forget to have your oil, tires and battery checked. These are all part of routine maintenance and can be easily neglected until it’s too late. Protect your investment by making sure everything is in tip-top shape!

Stop by any of our convenient First Tire & Automotive locations and let one of our friendly associates help you show your car some love by taking care of routine maintenance!