Is the Storm Coming?

Transmission trouble can loom like an approaching storm. The warning signs are there. You hope that the storm will pass . . . this time. You know, however, that unless you take steps to repair and protect your vehicle, eventually the storm will make a direct hit, rendering your auto immobile. Before this happens to you, learn to recognize the early warning signs. Once you see the figurative storm clouds gathering, let the certified technicians at First Tire & Automotive in Cinco Ranch, Katy, Texas, check your transmission and take care of any needed services or repairs. While nobody enjoys a transmission problem, we offer customer conveniences to help minimize the impact. For example, we offer before and after hours drop-off and shuttle service. Also, we back our work with a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty.

The Thunder Rolls: Warning Signs of Transmission Trouble

When a storm is approaching, you’re often clued in by the sound of thunder rolling in the distance, getting ever louder as the meteorological beast comes closer. Likewise, there are a number of signs you might notice if the situation with your car’s transmission is not good or is growing worse. The sooner you heed the warning and “take cover” (get transmission repair), the better off you’ll be, minimizing damage to your vehicle and danger to yourself. For example, if you see a puddle of reddish fluid underneath your auto, you likely have a transmission leak that is allowing fluid to escape. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, you might notice a dragging clutch. This means that the clutch disk isn’t disengaging from the flywheel when you depress the clutch pedal. Also, you may notice unusual sounds or feelings, especially when your auto shifts gears. These include new whining, humming, or grinding noises as well as the sensation that your car is shaking as it shifts.

Should you detect a burning odor, your transmission could be overheating, burning the fluid. This often happens when the transmission fluid is old, and it occasionally occurs if someone has used the wrong type of fluid in your vehicle. Other problems are even more frightening and dangerous. Your auto may fail to switch gears. Worse, the gears may slip. This term references movement from one gear to another or in and out of gear without your command or control. Obviously, this can pose quite a traffic hazard. Finally, your car may hesitate, lagging between the time you press the accelerator and actual movement even though it is in gear.

Refuge from the Storm: Reliable Transmission Repair Near You

If you notice signs, there’s refuge from the transmission storm nearby at First Tire & Automotive. Come see us today if you suspect your transmission may be having issues, and we can efficiently diagnose and repair the problem.