Don’t Ignore Wheel Alignment

Extremely worn tires are visible even to the untrained eye. It often becomes obvious when you need to replace them. However, you don’t usually “see” wheel alignment, so it may be tempting to ignore it. This is never a good idea. Wheel alignment impacts how well you’re able to handle and control your vehicle, so it’s actually a safety issue. Also, it affects how the evenness of your tire wear. Improper alignment can cost you by forcing you to purchase tires sooner rather than later. The quality of your ride is impacted, too. Therefore, you should have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked periodically or as soon as you suspect a problem. An accident or even something as innocent as hitting a curb or pothole too hard can wreak havoc on alignment. To obtain a wheel alignment, visit First Tire & Automotive in the Greatwood area of Sugar Land, Texas.

The Wheel Alignment Angles

Wheel alignment is the relationship between an automobile and its wheels and axles. It’s necessary for optimizing vehicle performance as well as your ability to operate safely because alignment impacts steering and handling. That’s because tires on a car that’s out of alignment bounce a lot, reducing the time they spend connected to the pavement. Improper alignment also causes undue stress and wear on other components. Depending upon the kind of vehicle you drive and any detected problems, your technician will perform either a front end, all wheel, or thrust alignment to adjust the major suspension angles. Those angles are camber, caster, toe, and thrust. Camber refers to the amount of right or left tilt when your auto is viewed from the front. Caster is the slope of the line you can think of as being drawn from and through the upper and lower ball joints. Toe is the difference one can measure between the front and back of the front tires. Finally, thrust is the relationship between the front wheels and the rear axle.

Wheel Alignment, Tire Services, and Suspension Repair Close to Home

As described, wheel alignment is linked to vehicle handling. The greater your speed of travel, the more difficult it may be to steer a car that’s not properly aligned. Further, misaligned wheels can allow the tires to “drag,” forcing you to keep what feels like a deathgrip on the steering wheel to maintain control. In extreme circumstances, should you lose your focus, you could potentially lose control. Your travel experience doesn’t have to be this dangerous and uncomfortable, however. Wheel alignment and related tire services and suspension repairs are available nearby at First Tire & Automotive. We’ve been taking care of all makes and models close to home for more than 26 years in the Greatwood area of Sugar Land, TX.