Did You Remember the Wheels?

You remembered to check the oil. You remembered to renew your registration. You even remembered to detail your car before a big event. But did you remember the wheels? Poor wheel alignment is bad news for your vehicle. Left unaddressed, it can cause premature tire wear and damage other suspension system components. Further, the issue can lead to poor handling which is a safety issue for you and others who share the road with you. Before the problem becomes severe, learn to recognize the signs that your car may need wheel alignment. For this and other preventive maintenance services and repairs, rely on the ASE certified technicians of First Tire & Automotive at the Eldridge location in Sugar Land, Texas.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

Perhaps you’ve heard the allusion to “walking the line” as appropriate behavior and “stepping out of line” as an unacceptable action. When it comes to wheel alignment, continuing to drive a vehicle that is not properly aligned is definitely something that might be considered less than desirable driver behavior. Therefore, pay attention to your auto and observe for signs of improper wheel alignment. One such warning is a steering wheel that won’t return to center or isn’t straight even when you’re moving directly ahead. Squealing tires, too, can signal the need for wheel alignment. Are you noticing that some spots on your tires are worn quite a bit more than others? That’s almost always a sure sign of bad wheel alignment. Not only does this cause an uneven wear pattern and a bumpy ride, but it also wears out your tires. You’ll need to replace them sooner than you had planned. Worse, long term use can also stress and damage other suspension system parts.

Help with “Walking the Line”

If you’re concerned about figuratively walking the line with your car (making sure you obtain necessary services, detect problems in a timely manner, and make repairs as needed), we have great news for you! First Tire & Automotive is here to help you walk that line. We understand that you may not be comfortable diagnosing and fixing auto issues, but we are. In fact, we service any make or model–even hybrids. What’s more, our repairs are backed by a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty, giving you peace of mind. Further, we make wheel alignment and other service or repair visits easy. Take advantage of before and after hours drop-off, electronic status updates via text or email, and even shuttle service. Come see why we have so many repeat customers who’ve been returning since our doors opened.