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Summer is a great time for fun activities with your family. Kids are out of school, there are a few holidays that create the perfect excuse for a road trip, and Houston has plenty of local activities to beat the heat. To make sure your vehicle is ready for the fun you will have this summer, here are a few maintenance tasks to think about ahead of time.

1. Check the tire pressure
Properly inflated tires mean you won’t have to worry about your vehicle’s tires overheating or losing tread easily. Your owner’s manual or the yellow sticker on the driver’s side door indicates the right air pressure tires.

2. Flush the A/C system
During Houston’s hot summer, air conditioning is essential. Scheduling a seasonal fluid flush will ensure that you’re A/C is in working order all summer long. If you notice strange noises or odors coming from your A/C, you should get your vehicle looked at sooner rather than later.

3. Check wiper fluids and wiper blades
If you are going on a road trip, chances are some bugs will land on your windshield. Be sure your wiper fluid reservoir is full and that your wiper blades can properly clear your windshield. Having old wiper blades can also be dangerous in a heavy rain storm. Replacing your wiper blades regularly will keep you safe no matter what the weather.

4. Inspect under the hood
It is a good idea to check your vehicle’s basic systems on a monthly basis. Make sure your battery is corrosion free, and check to ensure that the oil, coolant, and brake fluids are at the proper levels. Your owner’s manual will tell you what those levels are appropriate for your vehicle model.

If you find that your schedule is too busy to check the items on this list, each item is part of the FREE 38-point inspection that is included with every service, including oil changes, at First Tire & Automotive.