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The “Dog Days of Summer” are here, so it’s time to make sure your vehicle’s A/C system is working properly to keep you cool while you are on the road! Do you know that your vehicle’s A/C is made up of 4 important components and what they all do?

  1. Compressor – pumps refrigerant through the A/C system.
  2. Evaporator – removes heat from inside the cabin and transfers it to the condenser.
  3. Condenser – expels the heat from the inside of the vehicle.
  4. Dryer – absorbs extra moisture from the refrigerant.

All these parts work together to keep your vehicle cool, so if one part is not working, the system will not function properly. Regular maintenance of your A/C system can help you from breaking down on a hot summer day!

Before you head out the door, FIRST stop by any First Tire & Automotive location and
one of our friendly and professionally trained technicians will be happy to check out your vehicle’s A/C system and make sure you stay cool during our hot Texas summer!

And speaking of dogs…. make sure to keep your furry friends safe during the summer heat! Never leave them in a hot vehicle. It doesn’t take long for the temperature to soar inside a closed vehicle. Always make sure they have a bowl full of fresh water to keep them refreshed. Dogs love to go on walks but be sure to take them during the earlier morning or later evening hours when it is cooler. Finally, watch for signs of overheating! They love us unconditionally, so it is our responsibility to show them how much we love them back!